Friday, January 20, 2012

Climate to stock HFO blends

Published on 20 - January - 2012

CLIMATE Center is the first company to announce it will be stocking Honeywell's new range of HFO blends and other low GWP refrigerants.

The company reports particular interest in Genetron Performax LT (R407F), a replacement for R404A with half the GWP and greater energy efficiency. An HFC-blend based on R32, R125 and R134a, it has the lowest GWP of all commonly used blends and is classified as non-toxic and non-flammable.

The new generation of Honeywell's Solstice HFO blends offers a choice of reduced or low GWP replacements for many common HFC refrigerants with high GWPs high GWPs, such as R404A, R22, R134a and R410A. In the case of R404A (GWP of 3922), alternatives with a GWP below 300 have been identified.

Environmentally friendly chillers have been developed and commercialised based on Solstice L13 Refrigerant (HFO1234ze), giving reduced energy consumption against alternatives and also over 99% reduction in direct global warming impact versus R134a.

Robert Franklin, who heads Climate Center's cooling business, says: "Many end users are nervous about the long term future of high GWP HFCs due to their potential to harm the environment if released to atmosphere. There is also concern about the possible introduction of a carbon tax, which would penalise higher GWP products."

He added: "The new Honeywell range offers users reduced and low GWP alternatives for the majority of the most popular refrigerants in use, insulating equipment end users from possible future changes in the law."

Robert Franklin says: "The HFO replacements are in many cases compatible with existing equipment designs and compressors, and therefore enable quick and cost-efficient adoption. They are also efficient over a wide temperature range, which helps cut carbon due to indirect emissions in all climates, including the warmest regions."

"Add to this that refrigerants operate at standard pressures and can be handled by engineers without special training, and it adds up to a very attractive option - both for the industry and end users."

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