Wednesday, August 14, 2013

R134a Refrigerant

Do you use R-134a refrigerant?

A-Gas RemTec can provide you with R-134a in 30lb, 145lb, 1,000lb, 2,000lb, ISO Truck Tank and 30lb pallet quantities.

The R-134a meets AHRI 700-2006 Specification and we provide a certificate of analysis for every shipment.

Are any of your cylinders out of test date?

A-Gas RemTec is a certified Department of Transportation (DOT) hydrostatic testing facility.
We'll internally wash, hydrostatically test and recertify your tanks.

Other required services (based on cylinder size) and optional services are available.

Do you recover R-22?

A-Gas RemTec will pay you for it if it meets 98% purity.

We'll pay the freight both ways, if you can provide us with our minimum net weight requirement of R-22.

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