Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Illegal R22 importer gets six months

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USA: The Florida man who pled guilty to knowingly importing approximately 15,640kg of illegal R22 into America has been sentenced to six months in prison, and six months under electronically monitored home-confinement, followed by 18 months of supervised release. The Miami Court also imposed a criminal fine of $3,000.

Norberto Guada pled guilty in October to a single count of a multiple-count indictment which had been brought against him and co-defendant Jorge G Murillo.

Guada was hired as a salesman in February 2007 by a company known as Lateral Investments LLC (Lateral). Lateral was a Florida corporation, engaged in, among other things, importing merchandise, including refrigerant gas. Between June and August 2007, Lateral illegally smuggled large quantities of R22 into the United States to sell on the black market. At no time did Lateral or its principals hold unexpended consumption allowances that would have allowed them to legally import the R22.

During 2007, Lateral illegally imported approximately 278,256kg or 20,460 cylinders of restricted R22, with a market value of $1,438,270. Guada was tasked with selling the refrigerant to businesses in the South Florida area. As part of his agreement in this matter, Guada specifically admitted to his knowing involvement in the importation and sale, contrary to law, of 15,640kg of R22 on August 10, 2007.

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