Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do You Have A Refrigerant Management Program?

The R-22 phase-out is upon us. January 1, 2010 is only 43 days away.
Whether you currently recover the refrigerant on site, are a cylinder exchange and collection partner, or the HVAC contractor, reclaim is essential
to future supplies of R-22.

The EPA has estimated that 20% of the service market will need recycled and/or reclaimed R-22 to make up for the projected shortfall.
(Are you doing your part?) Knowing where to take your recovered refrigerants is ½ the battle.
You can find an EPA approved reclaimer by going to the EPA’s website at

Make sure your refrigerant management plan includes the following steps:
- Check for leaks and repair them.
- Recover & Reclaim existing supplies of R-22
- Start looking at action plan to replace or retrofit to alternative refrigerants.

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